Introduction Letter




What does a Professional School Counselor do? What is the Counselor’s name? How do I get to talk to the Counselor?


My name is Mr. McCarver. I am the Professional School Counselor for Southside Middle School. I have worked with students for many years at all grade levels. I have a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from The University of North Alabama.


As your school counselor, I am available to assist you with academic, social, career and emotional issues. I am available to listen when you feel frightened, sad, lonely, angry or confused. I am also available for your family. I assist your teachers and the school administration in helping to prepare you for your future, and in helping you become a productive and successful citizen.


You may see me in my office, which is located in Room 108-C. Please get permission from your teacher, and a hall pass, before you leave a classroom to come to my office. If you need to talk to me, and I am not in my office, please leave a message in the box, which is attached to my office door. I will also be doing classroom visits this school year, to provide you with important career information, and to give you tips for studying, and test-taking. 


Please share this information with your parents/guardian. I would be happy to meet them.

They may call my office at 416-1914.


I am looking forward to a productive year together.



Stan McCarver

Professional School Counselor

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